Thursday, 7 April 2011


I shopped at my local Tesco for some food for my vegan diet week.  I usually spend around £30, but today spent around £50, but I think I will spend less than usual on food away from home as the choices will be limited in most places.  Also I bought a few things which will last more than the week, and more fruit and veg than I usually do (quite expensive in Tesco).

Before setting out I'd checked a few things on the net.  I knew that some breads contained milk, but I didn't realise that some also include other dairy derived additives (why?).  I asked the woman at the bakery section whether the white rolls were suitable for vegans, and she had no idea.  On the web it says that Hovis bread is suitable, so I got some of that.  I was quite surprised by the lack of info as I would have thought that people who are allergic to dairy would need to know... I guess the best thing would be to bake my own bread, but I don't really have time.

Some products have no animal products in the ingredients, but because they are produced in factories using other ingredients, they are labelled with warnings like "may contain nuts, milk".  I have taken the easy way out and assumed that only the contents are important as more or less anything mass produced could accidentally contain other ingredients.  This means that there was actually a chocolate bar I could buy - Fry's Chocolate Cream - hurray.

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