Monday, 4 April 2011

Cut Demonstration


Cuts have consequences. 

The scale and speed of the current cuts will be reflected in the significance of the consequences, but what are the government doing to mitigate these?  Mass demonstrations are one way of showing our opposition, but these are over quickly, and most participants will have the same viewpoint.  My protest will last for several months, and will be a daily public event which I hope will engage people who have not been involved in mass protests, and encourage a wider discussion of cuts and their consequences.

Cut Demonstration (named in homage to Yoko Ono's performance, Cut Piece) is both a demonstration against excessive cuts to public funding, and a demonstration of the way in which cuts destabilise structure.

Every day I will make an additional cut to the jumper, showing how the utility of the whole is diminished, and finally destroyed, by cutting parts of it.  I will wear the jumper every day until it is so degraded that it is impossible to use it as a functional piece of clothing.

I hope that other people will join me in my low key, but long durational protest, and will be distributing labels over the next few weeks.  You can contact me with an address if you would like to participate - Email me

It would be great to hear about your protests, and see some pictures...

Here's my Cut Demonstration on Day 16 - Click here for Cuts

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