Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Thinking about University education

The aim of my Cut Demonstration is to get people talking and thinking about cuts and consequences.  One of the things which bugs me is how there doesn't seem to be a consideration of the wider picture when decisions are made.

University education - the thinking appears to have been 'It's costing a lot, so let's charge the students more.'  Why aren't we thinking about other possibilities and ideas?

  • What if employers had to pay additional taxes (either a lump sum recruitment fee, or additional NI %) when they employed graduates?  They might start to think about whether it was better in some cases to employ people from 18 and train them on day release etc.  Employers might stop demanding degree level education for even very low grade jobs.  Good thing or bad thing?  Why aren't we discussing it?
  • What if everyone who wanted to do post 18 education did a one year foundation free of charge, then anyone who turned up for lectures, contributed in tutorials and seminars, did their assignments, put some effort in would go on to do two more years free of charge to get their degree. 
  • Why aren't there more HE level evening classes?
  • Why are universities building lots of new fancy buildings and cutting staff? 
  • Could degrees be condensed to two years of intensive study?  It would be cheaper for the students, and would need more staff so would create employment for lecturers.
  • Why isn't Open University promoted more and provided free of charge?  It's a very cost effective way of learning.
When I rule the world.....

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