Monday, 18 April 2011

Review of my week of vegan diet

Health - I don't feel any more or less healthy than when eating a mixed diet, and I weigh the same as I did at the beginning.  I ate quite a lot of high fat foods (nuts, peanut butter, hummous, coconut milk, avocados), but it was not animal fat, so I suppose long term it is better healthwise.  I ate a lot more fruit and vegetables than usual, and less chocolate bars which has got to be good.  I did more cooking and used less ready made foods, so less additives.

Desires - The only things I craved specifically were milk chocolate and milk in my tea.  Generally I enjoyed what I ate, but missed being able to eat whatever I fancied at the time.  The relative narrowness of the diet, particularly when trying to buy food to eat away from home, was a barrier to me becoming a vegan.

Convenience - Eating at home was fine, although a few of the products I liked (olive pate) are not available at my local shops, so shopping was slightly less convenient.  Lunches for work / away from the house were more problematic - I need to investigate sandwich fillings other than hummous, peanut butter and jam....    Eating food from cafes etc was not really an option as most don't have vegan dishes.  I would also feel like I was causing inconvenience if I asked people to cook vegan for me when I was invited to eat with them (although Steve did make me a fantastic veg curry on Sunday). 

Future - There were lots of things I enjoyed eating which I don't often eat (stuffed vine leaves, hummous, avocado sushi, Thai soup vegan style, vegetable curry), and I will incorporate these into my diet more often.  I also plan to look for other vegan recipes to try.  Taking food with me for lunch was also a good move as I ate less junk - I will try to keep doing this.  I'm going to try to cook vegan meals when I invite people round, and also thinking about trying to organise a vegan picnic.

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